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The International Academy of Management had its origins in the first international management congress held in Prague in 1924 at the initiative of President Jan Masaryk. At the congress, CIOS – the World Council of Management (Conseil International de l’Organisation Scientifique) was founded. CIOS established the International Academy of Management in 1958. The Academy is now independent of CIOS.

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Where is your business in its life cycle?

If you’re in business, at what stage in its life cycle is your company? When might your business become obsolete, be outrun by its competition or run out of money?


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  • Nafta

    Sathe, Vijay

    PHD., C.S. & D.J. Davidson Chair and Professor of Management, Drucker School of Management, Claremont Graduate University.

  • Nafta

    Gutierrez Villareal, Jorge

    El Dr. Jorge Gutiérrez Villarreal, quien fungiera como director general del IPADE, en sustitución del profesor Sergio Raimond-Kedilhac es a partir de diciembre de 2008 Rector de la Universidad Panamericana y el IPADE.

  • Asia

    De Meyer, Arnoud

    Prior to becoming President of SMU , Dr. Arnoud De Meyer was Professor of Management Studies at the University of Cambridge and Director of Judge Business School.

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