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The International Academy of Management had its origins in the first international management congress held in Prague in 1924 at the initiative of President Jan Masaryk. At the congress, CIOS – the World Council of Management (Conseil International de l’Organisation Scientifique) was founded. CIOS established the International Academy of Management in 1958. The Academy is now independent of CIOS.

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In Memoriam: Sir Jayantilal Chande

At age 88 our fellow Sir Jayantilal Chande, a prominent industrialist and philanthropist, passed away in April in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi.

Some Half-truths of Management

“There are no whole truths; all truths are half-truths” (Alfred North Whitehead). So here are a few in management.


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  • Europe

    Landa, Ondrej

    He is the founder and president of the Prague-based Inventa Group, is an internationally known lecturer, speaker and management consultant to international companies in the Czech Republic and abroad.

  • Latin America

    Claude, Jorge

    Management professor at ESE, Universidad de los Andes and General Director at Asociación de Aseguradores de Chile.

  • Europe

    Haspeslagh, Philippe

    Dr. Philippe Haspeslagh, is the actual Dean at The Vlerick Business School.

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