• In June 2017 the European Union passed the EU Accounting Directive for Non-financial Information. It was implemented Member States in 2018. This law “requires large companies to disclose certain information on the way they operate and manage social and environmental challenges” on an annual basis.

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  • Today the vast majority of innovation and business-development opportunities lie in the interfaces between functions, offices or organisations. The integrated solutions that most customers want — but companies wrestle with developing — require horizontal collaboration.

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  • On today’s (June 13th) Marketplace broadcast, Marielle Segarra and Rita McGrath (with other experts) explore what happens when a small, born-digital, hip brand, like Harry’s, gets bought out by The Man. Harry’s was acquired for a cool $1.37 billion, 9 years into it’s rebellious, anti-big shave, existence. Going to market with a message that basically said to guys, “you don’t need … Continued

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  • After the great success of the 2018 Global Forum, hosted by the University of Vermont and led by professors Sanjay Sharma and Stuart Hart, we are proud to announce the 2019 Global Forum. This year the meeting, entittled “Politics, Corporations and Society: New Questions and New Answers from the Old World”, will take place in the magic city … Continued

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Charity begins at work

As Amy Edmondson of Harvard Business School explained in her book, “The Fearless Organisation”, the ideal is to create an atmosphere of “psychological safety” where workers can speak their minds. Managers need to learn the art of “respectful inquiry”, where they ask employees questions and listen intently to the answers. The bosses at Amnesty may … Continued

Vermont MBAs Take The Top Prize In An Impact Investing Challenge

The winning team basks in the glory of a victory in the first Total Impact Portfolio Challenge, the brainchild of Wharton’s Social Impact Initiative and the Good Capital Project, a unit of Intentional Media. The event was sponsored by Bank of America.


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  • Nafta

    Karmarkar, Uday

    Dr. Uday Karmarkar is the founder and Director of UCLA Anderson’s Business and Information Technologies Project (BIT), which study the impact of new online information and communication technologies on business practices worldwide.

  • Europe

    Pastor, Alfredo

    Alfredo Pastor is professor in the Department of Economics and the holder of the Banco de Sabadell, Chair of Emerging Markets at IESE.

  • Asia

    Fung, Victor K.

    Dr. Victor K Fung is the Group Chairman of the Fung group  ( of companies, which comprises major subsidiaries in trading, logistics, distribution and retailing, including publicly listed Li & Fung Limited, Convenience Retail Asia Limited and Trinity Limited.

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