Ball, James

PhD., Emeritus Professor of Economics, London Business School.

Prof Sir James Ball, was Principal of the London Business School 1972 – 1984; Professor of Economics from 1965-97. MA (Oxford) PhD (Pennsylvania). Also Hon DSc (Aston); Hon D Soc Sci; Senior Lecturer, Manchester University; Chairman, Legal and General Group Plc; Chairman, Royal Bank of Canada (UK); Director of Ogilvy and Mather, TI Group, Barclays Bank Trust Co., National Freight Corporation, Legal and General Group Plc, IBM (UK), LASMO Plc, Royal Bank of Canada.

His research interest has been the formulation and application of macroeconomics policy.

He is also investment adviser to pension funds and charities.

Author of:

  • Money, Inflation and Employment: Essays in Honour of James Ball.
  • The British Economy at the Crossroads (FT/Pitman, 1998)
  • The Economics of Wealth Creation (Edward Elgar, 1992)
  • Money and Employment (Macmillan, 1982)
  • Inflation and the Theory of Money (Allen and Unwin, 1964)
  • An Econometric Model of the United Kingdom (Blackwell, 1961)

He has written also numerous articles in professional and public journals.