Stein, Guido

Dr. Guido Stein is Associated Professor of Managing People in Organizations. Additionally, he is executive president of EUNSA and EIUNSA. Prof. Stein is also a business consultant for companies in the financial, industrial and professional services sectors.

He is an Advisor to Financial Managers. He holds the seat of secretary general of IESE’s Enterprise and Humanism Institute and is a member of the editorial committee of the institute’s magazine. Prof. Stein is a member of the International Academy of Management as well as a routine collaborator for daily business publications including Expansion, Harvard Deusto Business Review, ISTMO, AEDIPE Magazine, and others.

He is member of The International Academy of Management and the International Advisory Board MCC (Budapest) and is a collaborator with People and Strategy Journal, Corporate Ownership & Control, Harvard Deusto Business Review, European Business Review and Expansión.

Prof. Stein’s books include Managing People and Organizations: “Peter Drucker’s Legacy, CEO: carrera y sucesión”, “Escalando la cima”, “El arte de gobernar según Peter Drucker”, “Las ideas que están transformando el mundo de la empresa”, “La aventura del liderazgo”, “El reto de los resultados”, “Dirigir en tiempos de incertidumbre”, “Ensayo sobre el esfuerzo directivo”, “Éxito y Fracaso en la Nueva Economía”, “Reglas para dirigir en la era de Internet”, “Cambiar o no cambiar: esa es la gestión” and “Kardinaltugenden effektiver Führung” (Cardinal Virtues of Effective Guidance), edited by Peter Drucker and Peter Pascheck.

He is the author of 20 business cases and numerous technical notes. His current research focuses on undesirable turnover in top management and power.

Areas of interest:

  • Leadership and strategy;
  • Coaching and change management;
  • Power and influence in organizations