Twaalfhoven, Bert W.M

Born in The Hague 1929, Dr. Twaalfhoven graduated from Fordham University in 1952 with a B.Sc. and Honorary Ph.D. He received his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1954. Dr. Twaalfhoven is former chairman of Harvard Business School Alumni and in 2001 he received the Annual Alumni Award for his activities stimulating entrepreneurship in Europe.

Twaalfhoven started 54 companies in 11 countries including Italy, France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Holland, Belgium, England, U.S.A. Singapore and China. Most companies were successful, 17 ventures failed.

EFER, European Forum for Entrepreneurship Research ( is a foundation to stimulate growth of European Gazelles and teaching + case research of European entrepreneurship. 370 Professors in the field of Entrepreneurship from 41 European countries and 169 European universities were sponsored and attended a one-week program at Cambridge (2001), Harvard Business School (2005-2008), Maastricht University (2009, co-sponsored by the Dutch government). In 2010 (Barcelona), 2011 (Warsaw) and 2012 (Cambridge) the EU will co-sponsor this one-week program with EFER.