Ullens, Guy

Baron Guy Ullens, born in 1935. He studied Law at Leuven in 1958 and after and MBA in Stanford (1960). He ran the family business during 40 years.

He transformed a very local – Belgian – investment – Sugar and agro-business – into a large active investment fund around the world: Artal.

Retired in 2000 after a last acquisition: Weight Watchers International.

Since 2000, together with his wife Mimi, who is also an active entrepreneur, creates and runs non-profit organizations:

  • UCCA Beijing – Ullens Center – started in 2007 in 798 the largest Contemporary Museum in China. Young Chinese are the key visitors.
  • Happy House Kathmandu – 1993. A mix of orphanages, intensive care units for poorly fed babies. Since 2006, launched an advanced education center for primary and secondary schools.
  • Mimi Ullens, after going through cancer, started a large Foundation – 2007 – directly active in the cancer wards of 10 large hospitals (Belgium, France and Switzerland). She has also just launched a very focused fashion company.
    It will have sales and marketing activities around the world.