The institution shall be known as: The International Academy of Management. The members of this Institution shall be known as: Fellows; and this Institution, with its members, shall continue to be known by the same name and titles and has the following articles.

Article I – Objectives

The general objectives of the Academy shall be:


To honor excellence in management through the election to Fellowship of individuals who have made an outstanding international contribution to the science and art of management.
  2. To provide a forum for the exchange internationally of knowledge and experience so as to contribute to the advancement of the science and art of management and thus to human progress.
Article II – Fellowship

The election to Fellowship shall be the highest honor conferred by the international management movement.
 A maximum of fifteen Fellows shall be elected annually for life. This number, however, may be increased to replace any Fellow or Fellows who died during the electoral year. Should the number of Fellows elected in one year be below the maximum established, the number of Fellows to be elected in the following year may be increased proportionally at the discretion of the Chancellor.

Article III – Officers

The administrative officer of the Academy shall be the Chancellor, who shall be assisted by two Vice-Chancellors from each Regional Chapter. The affairs of the Academy shall be administered by the Chancellor with the aid of the Governing Board, of which the Chancellor shall be Chairman and the Vice-Chancellors members ex officio.

Article IV – Regional Chapters

The Regional Chapters of the Academy shall cover the same geographical area as the Regional Committees of CIOS. The Chairmen of the Regional Chapters, upon taking office, shall become Vice-Chancellors of the Academy.

Article V – Activities

The activities of the Academy shall be as decided from time to time by the Chancellor and Governing Board and may include, inter alia: research, publication, awards, meetings, congresses, consultation with and advice to other bodies.

Article VI – General Authority

The Governing Board, subject to no other authority, may repeal, alter or add to any articles, by-laws or regulations of the Constitution of the Academy. In all constitutional matters pertaining to the organization, administration and procedures of the Academy not previously covered in this instrument, the Chancellor, with the advice of the Governing Board of the Academy, is hereby authorized to act.