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Bhagat, Rabi

Rabi S. Bhagat (PhD, Business Administration, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) is a Professor of Organizational Behavior and International Management at the Fogelman College of Business and Economics of the University of Memphis.

Prior to his appointment at the University of Memphis in 1990, he was a Professor of Organizational Behavior and International Management at the University of Texas at Dallas. In addition to several visiting professorships in the U.S., he has been a visiting scholar at Korea University Business School in South Korea, University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, Indian School of Business in Hyderabad, and City University of Hong Kong in China. In 2006 he was one of the co-recipients of the W. Scott Myers award for applied research in the workplace from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists (Awarded to the GLOBE international research team being led by Robert House from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania).

His current research interests are focused on cross-cultural variations of organizational behavior with special emphasis on the interaction of cultural variations in the era of globalization. His work has appeared in the Academy of Management ReviewAcademy of Management JournalJournal of Applied PsychologyJournal of International Business StudiesInternational Journal of Intercultural RelationsJournal of Vocational Behavior, and International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, as well as in numerous chapters and monographs in advanced research volumes.

He served on the editorial board of Journal of Organizational BehaviorJournal of Management and The Journal of International Business Studies. Currently he is on the editorial board of the Asia Pacific Journal of ManagementJournal of International Management and the Samara Journal of Cultural Studies published by the University of Samara in Russia (from 2011). He has previously been on the editorial boards of Academy of Management ReviewJournal of International Business StudiesJournal of Cross-Cultural PsychologyJournal of Occupational Health PsychologyJournal of International Management, and International Journal of Cross-cultural management.

He has co-edited the special issue of the Journal of International Business Studies (April 2010) on the theme of The Rise of Asia and Global Corporations in the 21st Century: Strategic, Institutional, and Cultural Implications. He also edited the special issue of the theme of Megatrends in World Cultures and Globalization for the Journal of International Management (June, 2006) and the International Review of Applied Psychology on the theme of workforce diversity in the international context (July, 2003).

Rabi Bhagat co-edited (with Richard M. Steers of the University of Oregon -Eugene) the Handbook of Culture, Organizations, and Work published by Cambridge University Press in UK in June, 2009. He has published the following two books and is working on a third book on the topic of global mindset to be published by Stanford University Press:

  1. Work Stress and Coping in the Era of Globalization(with James C. Segovis and Terry Nelson (Psychology Press/Taylor & Francis—2012)
  2. Managing the global organization: A cultural perspectivewith Harry C. Triandis and Annette McDevitt entitled, (to be published by Edward Elgar Publishing in January 2013).

He is working on three books which are scheduled for publication in 2015 and 2016.

  1. On Becoming a Global Manager..Forthcoming from Oxford University Press in 2016 or in December 2015.
  2. Immigrants and Their Work: Implications for Global Organizations….Forthcoming from Cambridge University Press 2016 (Dean Manuel London of SUNY –Stony brook is my co-author)
  3. Power and Politics in the Academia…possible publisher Harper Collins. This book provides a detailed analysis of how and why political activities are so rampant in today’s educational organizations. It is meant to be helpful to professors in all types of institutions and universities of higher learning.

He co-edited the Handbook of Intercultural Training (with Dan Landis, Sage Publications, 1996). He also co-edited Human Stress and Cognition in Work Organizations: An Integrated Perspective (with Terry A. Beehr, John Wiley Inter-Science, 1985) and Work Stress: Health Care Systems in the Work Place (with James C. Quick, Jonathan D. Quick, and James Dalton, Praeger Publishing, 1987).He co-authored International Management: Managing in a Diverse and Dynamic Global Environment (with A.V. Phatak and R. J. Kashlak, McGraw-Hill-Irwin, 2005). The second edition is published in January 2009 by McGraw-Hill Irwin Publishing.

Rabi has presented over 109 papers in American and international conferences and various leading universities in the US, U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Sweden, Turkey, Israel, India, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Poland, Greece, France, Switzerland, and Brazil (over 25 countries since 1986 until 2010). Recently, he was invited to New York Institute of Technology, at Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. to guide junior faculty to conduct more rigorous research in the area of international and cross-cultural management.

Rabi has co-chaired two All Academy Symposia for the Academy of Management national meetings, in 1992 and 2000. He completed a major eight-nation study involving U.S., India, Japan, South Africa, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. Currently he is conducting a 15-nation study of cultural variations in various organizational processes with an international team of 15 country collaborators. Several papers from this major international research project are in the process of being published in leading academic journals.

His current research interests are:

  1. cultural variations in all aspects of organizational behavior and theory, especially related to human stress and cognition and sense of time across nations
  2. creation, diffusion, and transfer of organizational knowledge across borders
  3. on developing a global mindset. He has been a collaborator in the GLOBE Project involving 61 Countries on Leadership Effectiveness, directed by Professor Robert J. House of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania since 1994.

Dr. Bhagat is a Fellow of the International Academy of Management (Head office in Barcelona, Spain), American Psychological Association (APA), the American Psychological Society (APS), the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists (SIOP), the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP), the International Academy for Intercultural Research (IAIR), and is a member of several professional associations.

His research has been funded by the University of Memphis, the University of Texas at Dallas, and by the National Science Foundation. For his research design, he was awarded the James McKeen Cattell Award in 1979. In 2006, he was the co-recipient of the W. Scott Myers Award for applied research in the workplace from the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists (SIOP).

He has supervised or is supervising over fourteen (14) Ph.D. dissertations and served on numerous doctoral committees and several Masters’ thesis committees. He served as the Director of the Ph.D. Program in the Fogelman College of Business and Economics and maintains a strong interest in the development of junior faculty and Ph.D. students.

The National Public Radio, NBC, and ABC News affiliates, Dallas Morning News, as well as Psychology Today and APA Monitor (American Psychological Association) have reported results of Professor Bhagat’s research concerning the implications for improving the quality of worklife. He has been a consultant for Samsung Corporation of South Korea, Bell Laboratories (AT&T Corporation), General Electric, Hilton Corporation, and U.S. Army.