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Caine, Chris

Christopher G. Caine formed Mercator XXI on April 1, 2009, a professional services firm helping clients engage the global economy.  Drawing on over 30 years of experience in government and public affairs, Mercator XXI provides insight and support to execute initiatives for all four hemispheres in the following areas of expertise:

1) Government relations and public policy.

2) Market access and market research.

3) Innovation –driven economic development.

Prior to April 2009, Mr. Caine was employed by IBM Corporation for 25 years.  For thirteen years he had corporate responsibility for global public policy issues that impacted IBM in his role as Vice President, Governmental Programs.

Mr. Caine also served as Director, Human Resources and Environmental Policy for IBM, responsible for public policy issues such as health-care reform, labor, personnel, health and safety, environment, and energy.  Prior to that, he was Manager of Federal Government Relations and was Regional Manager of the company’s state government relations programs.

Prior to IBM, Mr. Caine worked for the Coca-Cola Company, the Eaton Corporation, and the Electronic Industries Association.

Born in Rochester, New York, Mr. Caine received a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania and a master’s degree in American Government from Georgetown University.

Mr. Caine represented the IBM Corporation on policy and economic development trends involving government, innovation, global electronic commerce, privacy, and new security challenges before a variety of public fora including: United States Congress; 2004 National Intelligence Council Conference convened by the Center for Strategic and International Studies: An Open and Trusted Model in Information Technology; 2003 World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, Korea: Government in an Era of Rapid Innovation; the 2003 World Economic Forum: Improving Public-Private Cooperation to Address New Security Challenges; Virginia 2020 Conference: The Next Big Thing; Penn State University: Accelerating Global Commerce Through Technology and Policy; the Shanghai International Forum: Globalizing Electronic Commerce; the Progress & Freedom Foundation Aspen Summit; the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation;  the New York Technology Forum: Transforming Government for the 21st Century; the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs in Sydney, Australia; and the Privacy & American Business National Conference.

Mr. Caine has served on the boards of The Center for National Policy, The Information Technology Industry Council, European-American Business Council, and The Washington International Business Council.  Mr. Caine was appointed by former Virginia Governor Mark Warner to serve on the Virginia Information Technology Investment Board.  He serves on the advisory boards of the following organizations:  Department of State Advisory Committees on International Communication and Information Policy, The Global Strategy Institute, The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, The Constitution Project, The Institute for Education, The Ambassador Theater, and Brainfood.

Mr. Caine has been a guest lecturer at Lafayette College and Georgetown University.  In the spring of 2008, he created the Caine Scholar’s Award for Global Leadership, Business and Policy at Lafayette College.  It is designed to help develop the next generation of U.S. leaders for the globally integrated economy.  He is also the Alumni Associate member of the Trustee Committee on Educational Policy.