The Long-Term Impact of the Pandemic on Corporate Governance

The pandemic is likely to have lasting, material repercussions for how health care enterprises approach corporate governance. These repercussions are separate and distinct from the board’s disaster-response duties that were summoned into application during the height of the health crisis. Rather, they relate to how certain traditional governance principles and practices are expected to change given the lessons and experiences that corporate leadership is gaining over the course of the pandemic.

The following discussion is intended to highlight the most probable areas in which governance principles and practices are expected to change following the pandemic, and to suggest ways in which the general counsel may introduce those changes to the governing board: (1) The Board/Management Dynamic, (2) Grater Board Engagement, (3) Oversight of Business Resiliency, (4) Enterprise Risk Management, (5) Quality and Patient Safety, (6) Executive Compensation, (7) Scenario-based Technology Planning, (8) Oversight of Workforce Culture, (9) Oversight of Compliance, (10) Succession Planning

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Source: Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance