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Haspeslagh, Philippe

Dr. Philippe Haspeslagh, is the actual Dean at The Vlerick Business School.

He is also the Managing Director at Unifrost NV. Dr. Haspeslagh serves as a Partner and Director of Governance at Owners LLP. He serves as a Non-Executive Partner at Procuritas AB. Dr. Haspeslagh has been with Procuritas since 1987.

He serves as a Partner of Governance for Owners LLP. He is an Advisor to top management at several international firms on corporate strategy, acquisitive development, merger integration, and corporate governance issues. Dr. Haspeslagh served as a Consultant with PA Management Consultants and McKinsey & Co. Dr. Haspeslagh served at INSEAD as a Paul Desmarais Chaired Professor of Partnership and Active Ownership, France and Head of the Merger & Acquisitions Programme.

He serves as the Chairman of Quest Management NV. He serves as the Chairman of Dujardin Foods NV. He serves as the Chairman of Capricorn Venture Partners representing Euro Invest Management NV. He serves as the Chairman and a Director at several listed and unlisted firms including serving as a Co-Founder and Director at Qwest and a Director at Kinopolis; Vandemoortele Nv He has been a Director of Sioen Industries NV since 2011. He serves as a Director of Quest for Growth NV, Governance for Owners LLP. and Quest Management Sicav. He served as a Director of Kinepolis Group NV until November 2008. He was a Director of the Malaysian Director’s Forum in 2004 and an Academic Director of the European Corporate Strategy Council’s Conference Board in 2000. He served as a Director of INSEAD’s Strategic Issues in mergers and acquisitions since 1980 and a Director of the ABN-AMRO Research Initiative on Managing for Value at INSEAD from 2000 to 2005. He founded INSEAD’s International Director’s Forum in 2001.

Dr. Haspeslagh also served as the Coordinator at INSEAD’s strategy department. As an Educator, he has founded INSEAD’s Executive Program in mergers and acquisitions and ran it from 1980 in Fontainebleau and from 1998 in Singapore. Dr. Haspeslagh has also directed INSEAD’s Advanced Management Program and numerous other public and company-specific programs, including programs in support of merger integration. Over the years his research has been mainly in the area of corporate strategy in multi-business firms, mergers and acquisition management, and corporate governance.

Dr. Haspeslagh’s research on mergers and acquisitions was path breaking in putting the attention on the importance of the acquisition process and in providing a framework, which combines the strategic requirements of acquisitions with the human and organizational factors. He also serves as a Professor at Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School. He serves as Visiting Professor of Stanford University Law School and Stanford Graduate School of Business. He served as an Under Secretary of State at Belgian Ministry of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Agriculture.

Previously, he served as the Chief of Cabinet at the Belgian Ministry of Agriculture and SME’s from 1997 to 1998. He served as a Visiting Associate Professor at Harvard Business School in 1990 and as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Stanford Business School from 1984 to 1985. Dr. Haspeslagh has also been a Consultant and a speaker on “Acquisition Decision Making”, acquisition integration, and equal merger processes to many leading organizations worldwide. Additionally, he has co-authored a book with Mr. D. Jemison based on his research entitled Managing Acquisitions: Creating Value Through Corporate Renewal.

Dr. Haspeslagh’s case writing on acquisitions has won the ECCH 1997 best European case award, both overall and in the Human Resources category and the 1992 most used case award, and the 1990 best European case award. He has an M.B.A. in 1983 and a B.B.A. in 1977 from Harvard Business School. Dr. Haspeslagh has a Commercial Engineering Degree from the University of Louvain at Belgium in 1972.