Platform Talent: The New Frontier In The Platform Economy

Barclays, the multinational investment bank and financial services company, recently posted a position for a Partner Manager, Platform Ecosystem.  The job role stated: “As a Senior Product Manager, you will drive and communicate the overall Global Platform strategy and vision with business partners, with internal and external stakeholders and within the wider team. You’ll be passionate about the user experience, delivering a useful and usable product that provides a delightful customer experience in alignment with CX principles.” This was one of over a dozen positions that Barclays posted over the past 12 months to fill key talent roles associated with its digital transformation and shift to a platform strategy.[1]

Barclays is just one of over 2,700 companies world-wide seeking dedicated platform talent. Once an executive team embarks on a platform strategy, they quickly confront a new challenge—filling key roles with individuals who have the right knowledge and experience.

Not surprisingly, the number of successful platforms have grown so have the number of postings for platform-related talent.  An analysis of job posting reveals a significant number of jobs being posted that specifically call for platform competencies.   Over the course of the past year, a detailed analysis of job postings found more than 12,930 jobs that specifically sought platform talent.[2]

Building a strong bench of platform talent is demanding the increasing attention of senior executive teams.  Finding talent that the right digital acumen and experience is one thing.  Finding these capabilities plus a sophisticated understanding of platform dynamics and implications of network effects, platform pricing, data management, and external ecosystem management is an even taller order.  Platform talent is now what sets companies apart.

By: Peter Evans


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