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Canals, Jordi

Jordi Canals (PhD in Economics, University of Barcelona) is the dean of IESE Business School since 2001 and professor in the Departments of Economics and Strategic Management. His areas of expertise are corporate strategy, corporate governance, internationalization and banking.

Previous appointments

IESE (Associate Professor and Assistant Professor), Harvard Business School (Post-Doctoral Fellow), International Monetary Fund (Guest Scholar), The World Bank (Visiting Scholar), The Brookings Institution (Guest Scholar), Center for International Affairs, Harvard University (Associate Fellow) and University of Barcelona (Assistant Professor).

Other activities:

  • Member of the European Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee.
  • Member of the Spanish Government task force on corporate governance.
  • Member of the board of GMAC.
  • Member of the executive committee of the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM).
  • Member of the Academy of Management, the European Economic Association, the Strategic Management Society and the American Economic Association.
  • Member of the Harvard-IESE Committee.
  • Fulbright Scholar.


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